Design Pattern Recognizer

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This plug-in demonstrates method proposed in the diploma project "Design patterns recognition in existing software" developed on FIIT SUT in Bratislava (The Slovak Republic). The goal of this project was to achieve design patterns recognition in minimal possible time. We focused on five GoF design patterns (complete and also incomplete instances) and their identification in implementation phase of software development. As You can try, plug-in confirms an usage of design pattern or draws attention to its inaccurate implementation. And therefore, DP-Recognizer plug-in presents the helper, that assists the programmer with implementation.

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Please follow install instructions by screenshots (select plugin, read install details, accept licence, ignore warning), then restart Eclipse and open DPR view.

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Lubomir Elko

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Design Pattern Recognizer (DPRecognizer) in action


1.Tab: Input resources
2.Tab: Possible instances
3.Tab: Statistics
4.Tab: Settings
1.Window: Details of input resource
2.Window: Details of recognized instance
Highlighting markers in editor

Poster from IIT.SRC 2011: PNG

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